Tranco Industrial Services, Inc. is committed to maintaining a safe work environment. We strive to comply with all regulations and customer requirements.

Our commitment to safety starts with our owners and continues throughout the entire organization. We employ a full-time safety manager, whose duties include regulatory compliance, incident investigation, training, inspections, and more. Labor and management personnel actively participate in our safety process through a joint safety committee that meets monthly to discuss safety topics and solutions.

We place a strong emphasis on prevention. Our safety manager spends time in the field with supervisors to promote safety protocol. Before a job begins, safety procedures are developed and reviewed with members of our labor and management staff.

The key to prevention is training, and this is a crucial piece of our safety process. Our field employees hold 10-hour OSHA cards, and attend weekly safety training sessions. These meetings cover a variety of topics, including –

  • Regulatory requirements (OSHA, EPA, DOT)
  • Customer requirements (USX, ISG, NIPSCO, NICTD, CSXT)
  • Industry-specific requirements (FRA)
  • Tranco requirements